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The word of the
kurd is believed to
came from a persian
word of gord,
meaning brave

The Martyr of Kirkuk, Najmaddin Mamarisha, assasinated by Traitors in 1984





The atrocities of the Turkish troops in Kurdistan

The Great Mosque of Sulaymania

Victims of chemical  weapons in Halabja 16/3/1998

Victims of chemical  weapons in Halabja 16/3/1998

The Mosque and shrine of Abraham in URFA-North Kurdistan

The Ancient city of Cizre, the home town of the Prophet Noah (PUH)

Most Kurds live in a mainly mountainous region called Kurdistan, the homeland of the Kurds. The total Kurdish population is estimated at 31 million. The Kurds were promised their own state in the 1920 Treaty of Sevres, which carved up the Ottoman Empire after its defeat in World War I. But Turkey subsequently forced a renegotiation of the treaty, leaving the Kurds as a nation without a state, and their homeland was divided to few parts, the biggest was given to Turks who has led very brutal crack downs since the take over Kurdistan, and have ruthlessly till today, drawn a policy of ethnic Cleansing, genocide and banning of Kurdish language. the total of the Kurds living in this part are estimated at over 17millions.The have no cultural rights neither could express their identity till a few years ago. There is an aggressive war against the Kurds costing the lives of over 30.000 peoples and the destruction of thousands of villages by the hands of the Turkish generals. Click here to view the atrocities of the Turkish army in Kurdistan
The second biggest part of Kurdistan was given to Iran, in this particural part, and in the year 1946, the Kurds led by Qazi Mohammed, a popular Kurdish leader, have proclaimed independence from Iran. but after the withdrawal of the Soviet Unions Red army troops from Iran, the Shah pahlavi crushed the Independant Mahabad Republic and executed Qazi Mohammed and other fellow comrades. There are a total estimated 7 million Kurds in this part.
The third part was given to Iraq, there are estimated 5 million Kurds in this part wihich is in the north of the. This part has seen the most brutal masacres in the history.
Since the Uprising of 1991 (following the second gulf war), the Kurds control %70 of Iraqi Kurdistan. There are many important, rich and strategic areas still held by saddam Hussein's regime, like Kirkuk, Khanaqin, Sinjar, Sheikhan, Jalawla and others. the kurds living in these areas are subjects to many unhuman policies like ethnic cleansing, interogations, intimidations, discrimination and their properties are being confiscated by pro-regime Arabs. Top
There are a total of 1million Kurds living in Syria, and they have been denied of any Cultural rights and there are as many as 150.000 Kurds who were denied of issuing Identity cards, they have no rights to attend schools and to own any properties.
there are an estimated 100.000 Kurds in Lebanon and over 500.000 in the Caucasus region of the former Soviet Union Republics, like Armenia, Azerbeijan and others who were for so called security reasons spread all over former soviet union republics by Stalin. There are estimated 600.000 Kurdish migrants in Europe, in which Germany forms a refuge for 500.000. these Kurds have mainly left their homeland to avoid executions.
the Kurds are of Hindo-Europeans tribes who migrated from the caucasus mountains 3.000 years ago.their language is Iranian. Most Kurds were converted to Islam in the 7th century; they are predominantly Sunnite Muslims. Before embracing Islam, they wre like Persians, Beluches, Afghans and others, practicing the Zorastorian religion.
The Kurds traditionally herded sheep and goats in the mountains they have occupied since prehistoric times. Today many Kurds still take their livestock to mountain pastures in summer and return to valley villages in winter. Most Kurds are settled farmers, however. While nomadic groups retain the traditional tribal organization under chiefs, some settled Kurds have become urbanized and assimilated into their respective nations.

The Kurds have repeatedly tried to become independent. They have fought the Sumerians, Assyrians, Persians, Mongols, European crusaders, and Turks. One of their great leaders was Salahaddin Al-Ayyubi He was a Kurd from Tikrit, he formed a strong army from brave Kurds and fighted the crusaders in the Muslim world. He and his Kurdish successors, have ruled the Muslim world for decades under the flag of Islam. It was in the eras that religion was upon all nationalistic goals.

Since World War I, Turkey, Iran, and Iraq have put down many major Kurdish uprisings. Kurds in northern Iraq revolted in 1961; in 1970 an agreement finally granted them several concessions, including autonomous local government. The Iraqi government, led by baath Party opposed the final implementation of the agreement in 1974, and fighting broke out again. Although the rebellion collapsed within a year, but hostilities continued. Top
Following the 1979 revolution in Iran there was severe fighting between government forces and Kurds demanding political and cultural autonomy.The Kurds have taken a crucial role in the 1979 revolution in Iran and they freed almost the hole Kurdish areas, but they were again defeated by heavy armed Iranian troops,There is still a guerilla war going on in Iranian Kurdistan, led by Kurdistan Democratic party-Iran.
During the Iraq-Iran war, the Criminals of baghdad have bombarded the Kurdish liberated areas with Chemical Weapons. The town of halabja was heavily bombarded by Iraqi Jets. The outcome was killing of 5.000 people, mainly children, elderly and women. Again the Arab nationalist Criminals within Baath party, have tried do deny the act, but later admmitted that it was the right action against the Persian Agressors, by accusing the Kurds of helping the Iranians

A brutal military offensive with the goal of resettlement program by Iraq's government in 1988 drove 1.5 million Kurds from their homes. The short Persian Gulf War of 1991 seemed to offer the Kurds hope; but though Iraq was defeated, its rulers remained in power. They put down a Kurdish revolt, forcing hundreds of thousands Kurds to flee northward into Turkey or eastward into Iran, around 5.000 villages destroyed and 180.000 Kurds captured and faced an uncertain future. The Iraqi regime,has tried to justify the brutalities to Iraqi Muslims and the Muslim world, by calling the opperation Al-Anfal-Cleansing.This barbaric operation was contrary to Islam, and was planned against fellow muslim brothers and sisters, to fulfill the desires the non-believer leaders of Iraqi Baath party, for grnoide against the Kurds.

Allah Allmighty in Surat Al-Anfal Ayat 1 Said " They ask thee concerning(Things taken as) spoils of war. Say; such spoils are at the disposal of Allah and the Messenger; so fear Allah, and keep the relations between yourselves straight, Obey Allah and his Messenger, if you do believe " . Top