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We are more worth of, Jesus the son of Mary, than the people of the Book

(Khutba by Sheikh Attiya El-Ganayney)

No doubts that Islam is the message of all Prophets and Messengers because Allah (SWT) accepted it for all mankind since Adam and up to Mohammed (PBUH), so there is no Religion called Christianity or Judaism. But truly, the religion of Allah is Islam. It is the Religion of Adam, Nuh, Ibrahim, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, Jesus, and Mohammed (PBU Them all).
Brothers and sisters in Islam: Islam is not only for Mankind, but also for Jinn as well. Allah (SWT) mentioned in many Surats about prophet Nuh. Allah (SWT) says in Surat Jonah ( I am commanded to be one of the believers). Also in Surat Al-Baqarah about Prophet Ibrahim, Allah (SWT) says ( Our lord and make us submissive of our offspring a nation submissive unto you and show unto you and us our Manasik and accept our repentance ). Moses was also sent by Islam and Allah (SWT) mentioned that in Surat Jonah by saying: ( and Moses said oh my people if you have believed in Allah then put your trust in him if you are Muslims ). Some other verses mentioned that in different Suras.
Brothers and sisters in Islam: After all these evidences any one who denies the prophecy of Jesus and claims that he is son of God is Kaffir and considering denies the prophecy of all Prophets and Messengers. Therefore Muslims believe in Jesus as a Prophet, and this reality was mentioned in Quran as well as in Sunnah. It was narrated by Al-Bokhary and Muslim that Abu Hurreirah said, the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) said ( I'm the nearest of all people to the son of mary and all Prophets are parental brothers and there has been no Prophet between me and him). So he who belives not in Jesus as a Prophet believes not in Mohammed (PBUH) and he up unto himself and Allah (SWT) will send him down before the day of doom and he will be landed east of Damascus at the Western Minaret. It was narrated by Al-Bokhary and Muslim that Abu Hurreirah said: Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) said ( By him (Allah) in whose hands my soul is, surely the son of Mary (Jesus) will shortly descend amongst you people and will judge mankind (as a just ruler) and will be under the protection of Muslim Government, then there will be abundance of money that nobody will accept charitable gifts). After all that how comes Christians claim that Jesus is God or the Son of God. They have to know, Jesus himself denied that and Allah (SWT) asked Jesus in Surat Al-Maedah ( and (remember) when Allah will say on the day of Resurrection O' Jesus son of Mary did you say unto men worship me and my mother as two Gods beside Allah?? He will say (Glory be to you it was not for me to say what I had no right to say, had I said such a thing you would surely have known it, you know what is in my inner. Self thought I do not know what is in your truly. You only you are All-Knower all that is chidden and unseev).
Brothers and sisters in Islam: All people have been requested to believe in the last religion, which is Islam, because it is the one, that cancelled all previous Religions. Allah (SWT) says in Surat Al-Emran ( And whoever seeks a religion other that Islam, it will never be accepted of him, and in the hear after he will be one of the losers).
Therefore we Muslims must thank Allah (SWT) who granted us Islam without our choice, a Muslim knows not the value of Islam unless he has been to the non-Muslim countries where he realises the non-Muslim who invented a plane, a ship, a rocket etc... in general he saw the one who invented all modern invention. But doesn't use his intellect to know his great Creator who deserves to be worshipped, the Creator who created him. He alone who sent all Prophets and Messengers by Islam even Jesus (PBUH), has been sent by Islam.
Finally I plea to all Muslims who is living in this country or any othe European country to try their best to spread Islam, apply its teachings, behave its way and make Daawa for it in every place, by wisdom and Fair preaching. Then the non-Muslim will have no execuse in the day of judgement and you will be granted Paradise. ( Ameen )
This Khutbah was delivered by Sheikh Attiya El-Ganayney, Sheikh of The Central Mosque in London on February 1999 Top