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The significance of Pilgrimage and its rules

(Khutba by Sheikh Attiya El-Ganayney)

Dear Brothers and sisters in Islam:. My talk to you today is about ( The significance of Pilgrimage and its rules). Indeed pilgrimage is a blessed journey to a Holy place that Allah (SWT) honoured and purified. Therefore Allah (SWT) stated it to switch the faith of it from a theoretical believe to a real practical actions. So it is a summon from Allah (SWT) to an able Moslim in order to link his inner consciousness to an actual good emotion in this life time journey. we have to seek refuge in Allah (SWT) when the Devil whispers to us or drives us to commit a sin. Therefore Allah (SWT) held an annual conference that is Hajj, and it is for the able Muslims to mention Allah (SWT) in a loud voice, therefore the most acts of Hajj is Exalting Allah (SWT).
Dear Brothers and Sisters in Islam:. What a profitable precious and blessed journey to the Holy House where the prayer in it is equivalent a hundred thousand prayer in any other mosque. It was narrated bu Al-Bokhary and Muslim that Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) said ( One prayer in my mosque is equivalent to one thousand prayers in any other mosque except Al_Masjid Al-Haram). When we go to Hajj to the sacred land the reward for every step is seventy million rewards. It was narrated by Ibn Khuzaymah said the Ibn Abbas gathered his children when he was sick and said to them I heard the Messenger fo Allah (PBUH) says ( who ever performed Hajj from Mecca on his feet Allah granted him seven hundred rewards for each step every reward is like the rewards of Al-Haram (the house of Allah), they said: what is the reward of Al-Haram. He said: each reward of Al-Haram is equal to one hundred thousands). We go to Hajj to the first Holy House which Allah built for all people and saved it from any corruption or enmity so that when Abu-Zarr (RAA) asked Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) ( oh, Messenger of Allah which mosque was first built on the surface of the earth? He said: Al-Masjid Al-Haram (at Makkah). then Abu-Zarr said, which was built next? He (PBUH) replied Al-Aqsa Mosque (at Jerusalem) then abu Zarr said: What was the period of construction between the two? He (PBUH) said: fourty years). Top

Brothers and Sisters in Islam: the foundations of the Holy House of Allah were not built by Angels or Adam nor by Ibrahim. But Allah (SWT)commanded Ibrahim (PBUH) to raise it up. Therefore when Ismail grew up and reached the age of puberty Ibrahim said O, Ismail Allah has commanded me, Ismail said, do what your lord commanded you to do! then Ibrahim asked, will you help me? Ismail said: I will help you "then Ibrahim said" Allah has commanded me to build a House here, pointing to a Hillock higher than the land surrounding it, so Ismail was handing him the stones and both of them were saying:O, our lord accept this service from us, verily you are the Allhearer, the Allknower. So when the House became high Ibrahim (PBUH) wanted a stone to raise him up to complete the building. So then Ismail looked for a stone among the mountains and as soon as he came back he found a big stone. He then asked his father:where did you get it from? Ibrahim said, it has been sent from Allah by Gibreel (PBUH). Therefore when Ibrahim completed the Holy House, Allah (SWT) commanded him to proclaim to mankind to perform Hajj and when he did so, and all whoever is between heaven and earth that heard him go there to perform Hajj and say: Here we are, our lord.
Brothers and Sisters in Islam: you have to know there is a significant in each Manasik in El-Hajj for instance: Top

1- the Ihram and Al-Talbiyah: it's for the call of Allah (SWT).
2- When we go to Mecca remember the sacred land of Allah (SWT).
3- When we watch the House of Allah we sense the greatness is just forAllah (SWT).
4- When we walk around the Holy kaaba we become like the angels who walk around the throne of Allah (SWT).
5- When someone holds the curtains of Kaaba he requests forgiveness, mercy, blessing, and safety.
6- When someone walks between Al-Safa and Al-Marwah he becomes like a guilty man who entered a palace of a king for a judgement walked out regarding his situation and he does not know whether he was forgiven or punished.
7- When we stand on Arafah mountain we become like people who have been granted mercy on the day of resurrection.
8- And when we visit Al_Madinah we remember the honourable town that embraced Rasul Allah (PBUH) when he was alive as well after death etc..
Brothers and Sisters in Islam: Felicity is for whoever performed Hajj and does not approach his wife for sexual intercourse noe commits sins while performing Hajj, he will come out as sinless as a newly born child . Felicity is for whoever didn't break his covenant with Allah after performing Hajj, should be patient, wish it always, keeps Jumaah prayer because Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) said ( Jumaah prayer is Hajj for poor people who has no ability to perform it) and keep saying: Subhanaallah, Al-hamdullaah wa Allahu Akbar thirty three times after every compulsory prayer as Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) said in Al-Bokhary and Muslim.
Brothers and Sisters in Islam: may Allah (SWT) bless us all, accept our good deeds, have mercy upon us and grant us paradise. (Ameen)

This Khutbah was delivered by Sheikh Attiya El-Ganayney, Sheikh of The Central Mosque of London on March the 5th1999 Top
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