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The Art Gallery of

Kamaran Shiwani
Kurdistan or Death

A village in North KurdistanThe Execution of the Kurds by Iranian firing squad in 1979The Parliament building of Kurdistan Regional Government in Arbil

Most Kurds live in a mainly mountainous region called Kurdistan, the homeland of the Kurds. The total Kurdish population is estimated at 31 million. The Kurds were promised their own state in the 1920 Treaty of Sevres, which carved up the Ottoman Empire after its defeat in World War I. But Turkey subsequently forced a renegotiation of the treaty, leaving the Kurds as a nation without a state, and their homeland was divided to few parts, the biggest was given to Turks who has led very brutal crack downs since the take over Kurdistan, and have ruthlessly till today, drawn a policy of ethnic Cleansing, genocide and banning of Kurdish language.

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