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Surat Al-Zilzalah..The Final Earthquake

(Khutba by Sheikh Attiya El-Ganayney)

Indeed, no matter how long is will end up by to distruction because death is the desires destroyer, as prophet Mohammed (PBUH) said (Death separates people) so, the pious, the sinful, the honorable, the humble, the king, the servant etc. All will die. That is because Allah (SWT) says: (Everyone shall taste death then unto us shall returned) . Therefore you should know that all people were created from dust and they shall be returned to it...this is the reality of life ..wombs deliver and earth swallows.
Oh, Muslim brother: remember if you have to go to any court in case of law to stand before a judge, won't you be shaken??. Don't you be worried and sweat of fear??. What about the day of judgment when you will be questioned by king of the kings in a day its length is fifty thousand years... It's a day of grief, regretfullness, catastrophe, and inevitable. It will shake the cruel hearts and the unmindfuls. Therfore Allah (SWT) says: (When the earth is shaken with its final earthquake).
Brothers and sisters in Islam: if the Allmighty God wants to recreate the whole creation again, He just fixes the parts of the body around a very little bone at the end of Coccyx. He (SWT) bring every bite and pieces that wasted in a river lost in a sea and those bites eaten by Beasts or Animals. It was narrated by Al-Bokhary and Muslim, that Rasul Allah (PBUH) said: (There is nothing of human body that doesn't waste or perish except one bone that is the little bone at the end of theCoccyx of which human being body will be recreated on the day of Resurrection). So when all bodies will be completed, Allah (SWT) will command the souls to gather in the Horn, then the angel will blown so that every soul thunder and reach its body in a while .. Then Allah (SWT) commands the earth to bring out every thing inside it whatever it is and the human being will be barefooted,, naked, and Ayesha (RAA) said: (Oh messenger of Allah will the men and the women look at each other??. He said: (The situation will be too hard for them to pay attention to that). Therefore in that time people can't look at any side, but in the front of them following the caller of Allah who will lead them to settle account with Allah (SWT).
Brothers and sisters in Islam: Could you tell me where Pharaoh will be ?, Haman, qaroon, Tyrants, Arrogants, Oppressors, Kings and those who tried to destroy Islam??, there will be no talk or whisper but every one shall say what is wrong with the earth?. It's the day when the earth will declare its information about all what had happened over it of good and evil.. Top
Brothers and sisters in Islam: most people will be in a hard situation.. the good ones will be in light, the bad ones will be in darkness, the martyrs will be recreated and their blood will smell like Musk. Whoever died in Ihram clothes will be resurrected saying: (O, my Lord here I am) , whoever unfairly ate up the property of orphans will be hanged up around his neck, whoever oppressed people will surround by them claiming their rights, and whoever betrayed or stole any thing will be carrying it on his shoulders.
Brothers abd Sisters in Islam: As soon as, narrated by Al-Bokhary and Muslim, that Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) said Allah (SWT) said (I have prepared for my pious slaves things which have never been seen by an eye nor heard by an ear or even imagined by a human being).
Brothers and sister in Islam: I swear by Allah nothing will benefit you in that day, neither your power, properties, nor your children and family. But the mercy of Allah (SWT) and your good deeds.. The companions said: even you oh messenger of Allah? he said 'yes' unless Allah grants me in his mercy). one day Al-Fodayle Ibn Eyyadh met a man and asked him about his age the man said. I'm sixty.Al-Fodayle said, Ok, you were on your way to meet Allah since sixty years, soon you will arrive, then the man said: (Truly! To Allah we belong and Truly to Him we shall return). then Al-Fodayle said, (Oh my brother, do you know what does it mean?), the man said: yes that mean I'm a slave of Allah and to him I will return. then Al-Fodayle said: (oh my brother, whoever knows that he will stand before Allah, and whoever knows that he will stand before Allah, should know that he will be questioned by Allah and whoever knows that he should prepare his answers. then the man cried and said: (oh, Fodayle, what should I do?? Then Al-Fodayle said: (Fear Allah the rest of your age, he will forghive what did you commit as well as your next age).
Brothers and sisters in Islam: Allah (SWT) says ( So whoever does good equal to the weight of an atom, shall see it and whoever does evil equal to the weight of an atom shal see it). therefore I pray to Allah (SWT) to guide us the right path as well as the paradise (Ameen).

This Khutbah was delivered by Sheikh Attiya El-Ganayney, Sheikh of The Central Mosque in London in 1998 Top
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