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Name: Kamaran Shiwani
Date of Birth: 10/10/1963
Place of Birth: Iraqi Kurdistan/Kirkuk
Nationality: Kurdish/British
Marital status: Married
Home Address: London W2 United Kingdom
Email addresses:

1974-1978: Babagurgur Secondary School for boys/Iraq.
1978-1981: Kurdistan Preparatory School for boys/Iraq.
1982: Sarajevo School for learning Serbo-Croatian language/Bosnia & Herzegovina
1982-1988: Faculty of Architecture, University of Sarajevo/Bosnia & Herzegovina.
1996-1997: City of Westminster College. 1997-1998: City of Westminster College.

: Architecture.
City & Guilds: AutoCAD 4351/2D.
City & Guilds
: AutoCAD 4353/3D.
City & Guilds: AutoCAD 4356/AEC.

1983: Serbo-Croatian language.
1993: Full and clean UK Driving license.

August-November 1989:
Ammunition factory plant, south of Baghdad, I was working on site and in the offices within the plant, on full time basis as an Architect. The job involved long hours and big responsibilities.
November 1989-October 1990: Car Plant south of Baghdad/Iraq, working as architect on full time basis on the sites and in the offices. Planning and designing warehouse, restaurants, administration buildings, and also visiting other Iraqi establishments and contacting foreign companies and experts. The job involved long hours of drawing, designs and visiting the sites. At that time we were using AutoCAD R11.
October 1990-January 1991: Planning and designing underground shelters. For the elite units of Iraqi republican, positioned then on the Kuwaiti border. Our office was in a town named Suwaira, west of Baghdad.
July 1992-July 1994: Translating, Interpreting & Computer services
May 1998-Up to date: Computer & CAD Technician, Self employed, working on AutoCAD R14/13/12 & AEC4/5,1. The work involves planning of Building Structures, interior designs and furnishings. It also involves designing internal and external doors, all the works are done on AutoCAD R14. I also work on computer maintenance as Installations, assembly, upgrades, repairs, WebPages designs & interpreting to/from Kurdish, Arabic Bosnian & English languages.

I was perfect on the projects in Iraq, at University, Colleges and Schools also in the Catering shops where I was in the manager's position.

I enjoy reading, especially news of the world, politics and scientific journals and keeping up to date with current events. I also enjoy Computing and Building Planning using Computer aided designs like AutoCAD R12, R13, R14 and AEC, designing web sites etc.

I have obtained good computer skills in assembly, repairs, upgrading, WebPages designs and programs installations, and using AutoCAD AEC for Building structures, planning, decorations and designs. I've also obtained a very good skill in windows95/98, WebPages designs and MS Office. A part of English, I speak Fluent Kurdish, Arabic, Serbian/Croatian/Bosnian and basic Turkish Languages.
I have a full clean UK driving license and I have my own transport.